A buzzing hub of food, craft, arts, clothes, incense, coffee, music, performers and the beautiful sound of kids voices.

The Marketplace is the lungs that breathe the life into Fractangular. You will find a range of market stalls including food, clothes, art and The Buckland Bar serving organic and locally produced beverages for all ages and a beer garden (designated smokers area). The marketplace comes to life with performances, the kids bush playground, games and activities, The Velveteen Lounge, funky comfy couches and tunes. It is a friendly space to engage in or just kick back and watch it all dance by.

The Marketplace is a smoke free space. There is a designated beer garden beside the bar and still in view of The Rumpus Stage for smokers to use and not miss out on the action. It is firbidden to smoke in the kids playground and workshop space.

2017 Marketeers

Offering tasty treats fit for any festival. Our long standing marketeer Miles is back with his tribal treats, we are stoke to have him on board offering the tastiest burgers around, curries, soups, sweets, snacks, coffee and chai. Go fill your belly up with goodness!

Buu Juu is a natural energy drink made from a herb from South America and mixed with refreshing fruit juices (otherwise it would taste like cut grass!!!). Only available in Tasmania. It's a great pick-me-up after you have had a few and help keep you partying longer. It is also a great hangover cure! It has been sold at falls festival for the past 9 years and many people swear by it. It does the job. It goes so well with alcohol. Tequila and rum especially!! And it shits all over Red Bull both taste and performance!! And it's healthier for you.

Wood fired pizzas with organic Tasmanian milled flour and no preservative bases. A mix of old favorites and new favorites using Tasmanian products when possible including cheeses, creme fraiche , smoked salmon and more. We cook at a high temperature which has 2 main benefits being the pizzas cook in under 90 seconds and the extra flavor imparted from a high heat.

We pride ourselves in selling wholesome and healthy foods. The majority of our product is organic, Tasmanian and free range and items are made fresh when ordered.The menu includes smoothies (Tasmanian fruits blended with coconut water), Juices (detox, immune boosters, classic carrot and ginger, turmeric inflammatory juice and mega c juice). Iced Coffee and Iced Chocolate. Grilled Squid with home grown Salad, Sundried Tomatoes and Tassie Fetta cheese.

Victoria is a Tasmanian women's fashion designer. She designs all types of women's fashion styles to fit all types of body shapes and sizes. She prints her own fabric's and hand picks all the pure silk used in her designs.


Alien Designs is a Doof-Surf-Skate brand from the Byron Bay area in NSW. 
With a focus on sustainability and making a difference, anything that is not made from recycled fabrics and materials is sustainably sourced and made in Australia. Alien Designs believes in fighting the fast fashion industry, whilst also showing people that they can make a difference. 
$1 from every item sold is donated to Skateistan, an organisation which uses skateboarding and education for youth empowerment. Helping underprivileged children in Afganistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

We will be offering clothed seated and table massage. Both massage therapists are fully qualified and hold Cert. 4.
Handmade Jewellery and feather crafts made from beads, shells, stones, leather, feathers, driftwood and more.

Unique Designs and Creations with Psychedelic/Visionary bent. Original artworks re-printed as cards for special occasions, gifts, correspondence or just to stick on the fridge. Timber creations with carvings, Mixed media creations. Timber-Metal-Crystals.
Unique, hand dyed tie dye art with a strong focus on vivid, psychedelic colours and one of a kind signature designs. My wares include everything from shirts, jumpers, pants and dresses to tapestries, bedding, baby clothes and adult onesies.

Handmade jewellery from India. High quality stones. Sterling silver. All proceeds go directly back to India to help many families. A percentage of sales supports Young Seeds, a Tasmanian charity that assists orphan refugee children in Africa. 
A Tye Dye Artist with a range of dyed clothing, hats and other bits & pieces. All are hand done & no two are the same

Artwork represented on t shirts, found materials,postcards, dolls, reminding us with humour and a certain weird style of our place & responsibility in this world.