The Dead Maggies Dark Orchestra

The Dead Maggies have delivered lively and danceable folkpunk to Fractangular masses before, so this year they'll do something different. They’re bringing together 12 musicians, a narrator and a makeup artist to delivers a history tour of the dark and oppressive Tasmanian past, in a show titled: 200 years of oppression, a history of Van Diemens’ Land. Starting with first white invasion, and finishing with today’s struggles, all strung together with narration

The Dead Maggies are folkpunk band who have toured Europe, Asia and extensively up and down the east coast of Australia. Their 2015 album ‘Well Hanged’ was featured album of the week on Edge, ABC936 and 2BOB, had several songs on JJJ and scored #7 on London Celtic Punks album of the year list for 2015. Some other highlights include having a Pogue come to watch them in an Irish pub in Germany, and having the stage manager of The Spiegeltent ask the audience to settle down as they were dancing too hard for the floorboards to handle.