Grouch in Dub

Grouch in Dub AKA 'Grouch' is the new project from the enigmatic New Zealand producer Oscar Allison. Since the early 2000's he has been writing a wide array of sonic compositions ranging from drum and bass , hip hop, dub and bass music to techno, progressive and psychedelic trance.

In 2005 he was writing Breaks and Psy Prog and started performing at New Zealand festivals. Over the next 6 years his name was growing in New Zealand and Australia. In 2011 he went on tour to Europe, 5 years later after touring all around the world as Grouch, Oscar was slowly working on his Grouch in Dub project on the side and put together his first full live set of it which he performed at Boom Festival 2014.

Since releasing his latest Grouch album 'Corpus Callosum' with Zenon Records in 2016 he has decided to branch off and create the Grouch in Dub project. He is now focusing on writing a full length album of the latter project, collaborating with many musicians to create a fusion of deep and groovy digital productions with soulful acoustic recordings.

2017 is set to be an exciting year for Oscar and his fans. Stay tuned for more!