Lagoon Hill Zydeco

Zydeco is the lively accordion and rub board-led, rhythm and blues-infused music of the Creoles of Louisiana. Here it is in the hands of Tasmanians, who give it their own country and gypsy jazz twist.

Lagoon Hill Zydeco is a fun and lively dance band strongly influenced by the distinct musical culture of Louisiana and the pet project of the dynamic Hobartian accordionist Dave Elliston. There aren’t a lot of Zydeco bands in Tasmania. In fact most Australians don’t seem to know what Zydeco actually is. But we can proclaim that it’s one of the funnest, high energy, bouncy, shimmy shaking sounds known to humanity. So the band’s current aim is to spread the word of Zydeco across the nation. They know how to use an old squeezebox and a piece of corrugated metal and make it work.