Tummy Talk

Behind the 'Tummy Talk' , are two producers , determined to share their passion for making music for the soul purpose of enjoyment and experience. One of them , from Newtown, Wales has been producing music for over 18 years, working with record labels such as Hustle Recordings, Whoop! Records, Dirtyblue Records and Cuba Recordings. He has also been playing bass, keyboards and guitar for as long as he can remember.

Since 2010 he has been working on his project ‘Akasha Experience and Quanta , in his studio in Cornwall (Southwest).
he has had releases with ‘Freespirit Records’, ‘Dubmission Records’ and with ‘Shanti Planti” The other , from Cornwall has been working on this project now since 2011,he has been working on his own project 'Growing-Seed-Of-Industry'
 he is a master on the guitar and is quickly learning studio skills.'Tummy Talk' is a new and exciting project bringing you music that combines various sounds, with the results culminating in fat, psychedelic, techy electro beats.