Bag it with Yo Funk

Upcycle your own festival shoulder bag! Using provided range of pre-loved clothing sew your own shoulder bag!  Hand stitch with cotton in a simple blanket stitch. Personalise your one of a kind bag further by stitching on buttons, beads, sticks, feathers, shells, or even your dreadlock!

Hi I'm Sandra from Random Acts of Artiness! 2016 I had the pleasure of delivering my 'Tangled Hands' workshop at Fractangular - After having the most amazing three days with incredible inspiring people I'm back!

I work in youth programs and mental health – arts and crafts are an escape for me - an act of mindfulness. Although I'm not what I consider a 'talented artist' my 'talent' is sharing ideas to inspire the talented to create. And those who may not feel talented, find a medium they can use to find some peace from the daily grinds of life.