Boil Up

After 10years of exploration 2020 will see the release of Boilup's long awaited debut album. This Hobart based band has had dance floors consistently packed and sweaty with their own unique blend of music, a strong NZ flavour with influences from across the Pacific, Australia and beyond the rich harmonies and thumping backline of Boilup will leave you wanting more.

Boil Up are all about the love of music: making it, writing about it but most importantly, sharing it! Its members are drawn from across the Tasman and throughout the Pacific, bringing together a wide range of influences, culture and experiences to create their own unique blend of Reggae Fusion.

In late 2011, Boil Up hit the studio for the first time, getting the feel for recording and putting down some songs. As a taster, a few were placed on Triple J's Unearthed website, where they instantly received a huge amount of reviews, listens and downloads placing Boil Up at 1, 2 and 3 on the Roots charts and propelling "Tahi", into the top 100 of all genres. "Tahi" was reviewed by Triple J 'Roots 'n All' presenter Sarah Howells who gave it four out of five stars;

‘I love how this song starts - straight into it! Fabulous vocals, too.. Can't wait to hear more of this!’
Sarah Howells - Triple J Unearthed, January 2012

With a strong emphasis on family, Boil Up are a tight knit unit which reflects in the energy, enthusiasm and love for the music they generate on stage. With powerful vocals and high energy performances Boil Up are a band that keeps people coming back for more.