Clay Crosier

hey, my name is clay and i like to make music. now i'm not gonna attempt to do one of those all too common bio things telling you how much i "can make the crowd move" or how many "big acts" i've supported, that doesn't matter. i'm not one for a glamorous bio, especially a 3rd person bio that all seem to read the same and perhaps written 1st hand lol. i'd much rather let the music do the talking, that's what matters but for sake of the curious reader and the strange necessity to have a bio for gigs i guess i should try to describe with words, terribly, some of the stuff these bio things would usually touch on. i'd say the best way to describe my music would be heaps groovy, little bit proggy, dark-ish, trippy, psychedelic minimal techno but don't take my word for it. why do i do it and what got me into it if you may ask? i just really enjoy it, i dunno, after discovering dance music a fair few years ago i was like woah! there's something about people all together, all dancing, all connecting to this one weird, yet beautiful sonic arrangement we call music. something grabs us all and takes us all together, care free. something special is in the air on a dancefloor, you can feel it and see it. something you can not comprehend through words, you just have to be there, in the moment and like i said let the music do the talking... anyway if you really want to find out more about me i think the best way to do so is to just listen to my sets or creations... i feel like i contradict myself by writing all this haha.

see you on the dancefloor!