Culture Jamming and Reality Hacking

This immersive workshop takes you on a journey through the important art of Culture Jamming. 

This includes the jamming of ads, radio signals, our own cultures and wider societal narratives to make social change while doing in a fun and creative way. Based around co-creation it will see the group weave together ideas, looped music, storytelling and personal culture. Participants will be challenged to think quick and use ideas and creativity to conjure up solutions for a troubled world.

From culture jammed collages, to radio hacks, to the creation of alter-egos, the workshop not only teaches the broad art of culture jamming, but also hacks into each participant's own inner truth, to show how much power we have for creative and tangible change at any moment. Skills learnt will include improvisation, artistic confidence, using art as a vessel for social change, and creative shortcuts to tap into one's own inner purpose.

An uplifting and truly interactive workshop.

Michael Scarlett is a creative entrepreneur, and organiser of Melbourne immersive event crew 'Culture Jam'.
Culture Jam is best known for their unique festival 'The Town'. It creates a mock immersive village for 3 days that both parodies society and explores new and healthy ways of connecting and living.

He is also a multi disciplinary artist, with a creative improvised looping project called Trickbox, and a fire twirler who has performed in numerous places around the world including the Commonwealth Games in India.

His current focus is how to use art to create social change, and using fantasy to not only reflect truth, but to be a catalyst for tangible real world change. 

He recently received a scholarship for The College of Extraordinary Experiences, held in a 13th century castle in Poland, where he taught the same workshop to creative leaders from all over the world.