Learn about Earthships, the super sustainable off-grid house that grows its own food, recycles all its wastewater, collects all its energy and water, does not need heating and cooling and is made from recycled and natural materials. Join Martin Freney, creator of Earthship Ironbank, Australia’s first council approved Earthship, for some Earthshippery at Fractangular. He will be giving a talk that explains how to design and build an Earthship or Earthship Inspired building in Australia including how to get council approval. And you can join him for some hands-on learning, building a bench seat using Earthship construction methods: “pounding tyres”, “bottle bricks”, “cob stomping” and rendering. 

Martin Freney is the designer and operator of Earthship Eco Homes a consultancy dedicated to housing solutions that minimize expenses and environmental impacts and maximize beauty and resilience to climate change. He has a PhD from The University of Adelaide, a Bachelor of Industrial Design, Diploma of Building Design and Certificate of Permaculture Design, all of which he brings to bear upon the problem of how to create ecological housing. He lectures part-time at The University of South Australia in the School of Art, Architecture and Design and is the owner-builder and creator of Earthship Ironbank, Australia’s first council approved “Earthship”.