Deep, dark and twisted! A self-confessed tune addict and massive fan of dark driving bass lines, haunting melodies and barrelling percussive flavours, this technically solid mixer combines attitude with clever sequencing and dynamics – regardless of ‘genre’ or style. Favouring intelligent techno, minimal and prog, Freya’s trademark style has been carving up dancefloors for over a decade. 

Since making her DJ debut in London in 2007, Freya has firmly stamped her mark on the underground scene – both locally and internationally. In addition to a swag of international performances in the UK, Thailand (Halfmoon Festival), Vietnam and New Zealand, Freya continues to feature at major underground events and festivals all over Australia (Earthcore, Dragon Dreaming, Maitreya, Mushroom Valley, Mayan Summer Solstice, Southern Oracle, Elements, Tropical Bloom, Equinox, Dark Forest, Sol Sistere) supporting some of her favourite DJ’s and producers including: Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein, Citizen Kain, D.A.V.E the Drummer, Guy-J, Fergie, Spektre, D-Sens, Merkaba, Jiser, Lee Coombs, just to name a few. 

In 2016 Krissie launched Woof Doof Events; a charity combining her passion for music and animals. Woof Doof host quality music events to raise funds for animal rescues all over Australia!