Käse Kochen

The sounds of the 'Käse Kochen' sobriquet are an enigmatic & satisfying blend of various sub genres of contemporary progressive dance music. A homogenous amalgam of synthetic & organic sounds - instrumental, digital and found - resulting in something truly profound.

Originating from the forest dwelling doof scene of Northern New South Wales, Käse Kochen has ripened into an impressive Australian artist, gracing some of the most sought after slots in the world: Rainbow Serpent Festival’s Market Stage (Australia), Shankra Festival’s Horizon Floor (Switzerland) and Subsonic Music Festival (Australia). His expeditions have lead him to feature at Fractangular Gathering,
Tanglewood, Squared Senses and headline outdoor and club events to the corners of Australia and in between: Brisbane to Hobart, Canberra to Perth.

Since the release of “Hollow Notions” with Australian label Bassic Records in 2014, Käse Kochen has evolved into his current emittance of sharp melancholic narrative, experimenting with energy, concept and technical prowess. 2017 saw the release of “Fauna”, a release comprised of two originals in collaboration with close comrade Ark-E-Tech and remixed by Gabriel Moraes, Like Liquid, Rainbird and Docosc aka Jekyll, proving to be one of the most highly regarded and best selling releases in Bassic’s catalogue.

In October 2018, after much anticipation and years of rigorous studio work, Käse Kochen’s full length album “Encounter In Melancholia” saw the daylight, celebrated highly and with sold out launch events in Sydney and Melbourne.