Kaya Project

Kaya Project is a tribal fusion of World Music & Electronica primarily built upon Location recordings from exotic locations around the planet. The Project is the musical brainchild of Seb Taylor. Based in the UK, the act has achieved a name of world renown via the first three albums ‘walking through‘ (2004), ‘elixir‘ (2005) and ‘…& so it goes‘ (2008) – all released on interchill. their 4th. album, ‘desert phase‘, was released in the spring of 2010 followed by a CD of electronic remixes. Previous kaya project tracks have been heard on tv shows such as showtime’s ’sleeper cell’, & numerous compilations including claude challe’s renowned ‘buddha bar’ series. Angel tears tracks (another of seb’s many projects) have been heard on shows such as hbo’s sex & the city, the west wing & many others. The Fifth Kaya Project album 'FIREDANCE' was released in May 2014.