Monster Sideshow

Monster Sideshow is made up of Australia's leading daredevil performers The Space CowboyZoe L'Amore Shep Huntley.

The Space Cowboy
Sideshow celebrity, The Space Cowboy is Australia’s most prolific Guinness world record holder. He currently holds 55 records, the most ever held by any Australian! He performs an ever - expanding list of super human stunts. His gentleman wit and charm are an effective juxtapose to his ghoulish acts. Setting the pace in his field he has inspired a generation and with countless achievements he is one of the most successful Freak Show entertainers alive today. With over 100 million Youtube Hits and countless performances on TV shows all over the world The Space Cowboy's performance is one not to be missed.

Zoe L'Amore
Zoe L’Amore known as 'The Pain Proof Pin Up’. Zoe began a Circus career as a Trapeze Artist acquiring a passion for danger that has grown into a repertoire of bizarre stunts.

She combines her Circus Skills with Sideshow Thrills playing with Fire, Whips, Traps, Power Tools, Swords and performs an Electric Lady act shooting sparks from her fingertips and illuminating bulbs with her bare flesh. 

World renowned, she holds 3 x Guinness World Records for her Pain Proof displays of style and grace.

Shep Huntley
Shep Huntly is also one of Australia’s finest Master of Ceremonies. He is the resident host of the Circus Big Top at Glastonbury Festival in the UK and was the MC of the Main Stage of Moomba in Melbourne for many years.

He has worked in venues, festivals events and TV in 28 countries around the world, four separate seasons in the Sydney Opera House and an invitation to perform at the National Theatre in London are noteworthy highlights.