Sands Family Circus

Back in 1996, when acrobat Mark Sands and dancer Kristy Wherrett joined forces and had their first child the "Sands Family Circus" was born. Now, with 18 years and 7 children under their belt, they have a plethora of trust building, family bonding exercises (stunts) which will also develop balance, coordination, flexibility and strength.

The Sands Family Circus currently showcase their considerable talent with their Bipedal Beetle show. To put it in Boss Beetle Barty's words "Bring your blankets, bring your buddies, and prepare to be bewitched, bewildered and bamboozled by the brilliant balancing and bouncing of the Bipedal Beetles."

Be Bamboozled by a bedlam of beautiful bouncing bipedal beetles balancing boldly between bouts of bashful and batty behaviour.

A regular fixture at Fractangular Gathering, we love these guys and can't get enough of them. Be sure not to miss their workshops Rocket Ships and Climbing Frames where you and your kidlets can learn some very cool acrobalanc tricks to take home and play with.