The very first idea for the Talpa project began in late 1999 after attending the big techno/trance party “TraNSplant 2” in mega-club ‘Paradiso’ in Serbia. Soon after starts the big and active work on music making and production inspired by original goa trance sound. Many tracks are compiled, productions gets better and better and after 3 years of hard work he finally finds the sound that will become his main occupation in the upcoming period.

In the summer of 2002 SunDance records released two Talpa’s tracks on the ‘Vibraspirit 23’ compilation: ‘Kalashari & Mandraggor’. In the summer of 2003 one more track found its place on release ‘SunDaze” and single called ‘Talpania’.

Talpa released his debut album called “Talpa-The Art Of Being Non” back in 20041 Since then, Talpa became an iconic Psy-Progressive artist and a frequent headliner on many stages across Europe, Australia, Africa and Brazil.

Goran has released many tracks on labels such as: TesseracTstudion, Iboga Redords, boom, including 3 albums for Australian label Sundance Records. You will find his name on many famous festivals such as Universo Parallelo, Ozora, Psy Fi, S.U.N., Summer Never Ends and Rainbow Serpent amongst others.